why are polos so expensive
why are polos so expensive

Why are polo t-shirts so expensive compared to normal round-neck T-shirts?

Polo T-shirts are usually expensive compared to regular round-neck T-shirts. The primary reason for the high cost is the fabric used for manufacturing.

Polo T-shirts use a heavier yarn and are knitted differently. When you compare a T-shirt and a Polo Shirt made of the same fabric, Polo Shirts have collars and buttons beneath the collar, which increases the cost of the product.

8 Major Reasons

The following are the primary reasons why Polo T-shirts are more expensive than standard round-neck T-shirts.

1. Material

The standard round-neck T-shirts are made of mixed cotton or Polyester. T-shirts are woven, meaning they are stretchable in one way. The Polo T-shirts use Pique Cotton, unique knitted cotton whose structure resembles a waffle. It is flexible and stretchable from all directions and is not woven. The fabric is thin, soft, breathable, and lightweight. The material used for production is durable and lasts longer.

2. GSM

GSM refers to grams per square meter of fabric used. The higher the GSM in a fabric, the thicker and hard-wearing cloth. The Normal T-shirts use low GSM material compared to the Polo Shirts. Low GSM material tends to be thinner, slimmer, and not breathable.

3. Collar

The Normal T-shirts are collarless. Polo T-shirts always come with collars. The collars make the clothing more appealing and give a professional look. That is, the attire gives you a casual touch and professional look. Three primary types of collars are available in Polo T-shirts – Knitted, Self-fabric, and Contrast Collars.

4. Button

The standard T-shirts do not have buttons. The Polo T-shirts have two or three buttons beneath the collar. Stitching the extra buttons adds to the cost of manufacturing when compared to sewing a rib around the neckline. This makes the Polo T-shirts much more costly than standard T-shirts.

5. Cuff

Cuff is that part of the Polo T-shirt that supports the muscle area and ensures that the clothing fits well. The standard round-neck T-shirts do not have cuffs. The measure of the cuff depends on different sizes. Cuffs make the Polo shirts fit well and give a sleek and fit outlook.

6. Neckline

Polo T-shirts have necklines, whereas round-neck t-shirts do not have necklines.

7. Occasion

Polo T-shirts are commonly known as smart casuals. It is well suited for both professional and casual events. On the other hand, the round-neck T-shirts are casual and cannot be worn for a professional gathering. The smart casuals give a professional outlook and casual comfort to the person wearing them.

8. High Demand

The Demand for Polo T-shirts is much higher than the round-neck t-shirts. The primary reason for the high demand is the additional features and characteristics, including the collar, buttons, cuff, and the fact that the polo t-shirts suit several occasions, including professional and casual meetings.


In several aspects, the Polo T-shirts give much more comfort and benefit. Nothing comes free of cost, and the extra features available in the Polo T-shirt contribute to the extra cost.


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