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Welcome to doods! We offer you a wide range of solid-colored T-shirts online. Comfort and Quality at affordable rates are our goals. We ensure that our Plain T-shirts are the best in the quality you can ever find. You can purchase your favorite Solid Color T-shirts at doods by adding them to your cart.

Trendy colors available in Doods

Doods offers trendy outfits that give you a premium outlook. When it comes to Solid Color T-shirts, you can find vast collections of stylish colors. Below are some of the most popular colors.

Blue pique fabric
White pique fabric
Red pique fabric
Green pique fabric
Grey pique fabric
Black pique fabric

Christmas Offer

🎄🎅 Celebrate Christmas with a 100₹ discount (Use code: DOODS100) and enjoy FREE SHIPPING. For orders over 1000₹, get a FREE ROUND NECK T-SHIRT. Don’t miss out on these festival deal!

What makes us unique?

Doods is undoubtedly a unique shop that you can find online. Here is why we are unique.

Combed Cotton

We use super-combed cotton as our raw material. Super-combed cotton is the best of the finest, whereas regular cotton goes through an additional process to pick out the short fibers. The combed cotton is much softer than regular cotton.

High GSM

GSM refers to grams per square meter - It is a crucial factor to be considered before choosing your t-shirts. A T-shirt with high GSM is durable & long-lasting. All our shirts have a higher GSM at doods, making you feel comfortable with our outfit.


All our Plain T-shirts in doods undergo Bio-washing. It is a process where the T-shirts are frayed, and helps remove tiny white fibers that hang out of the clothes. It also ensures the fabric is much cleaner and soft.

Silicone Treated

Doods ensures that all the clothing and fabric undergoes silicone treatment. It reduces the white pilling from the t-shirt and makes it clean and wrinkle-free. It also increases the life and durability of the clothing.


All our Solid Color T-shirts fabrics are put inside a machine and compressed to remove the space in between the stitches and keep them compact. This process ensures that the t-shirt stays intact during the washes.

Zero Color Fade

Doods give you the guarantee that the color of the fabric will not fade away. The Pre-shrinking process tightens the molecules in the fabric. It ensures that the t-shirt color stays put and does not fade away while washing.

Double Stitch

You can find two-line stitches in the sleeves of all the T-shirts at Doods. The double-stitching increases the durability of the T-shirts & gives them a long-lasting life.

Premium Finish

The Premium finish is achieved through various processes, from choosing the combed cotton, double stitch, bio-wash, silicone treatment, and guaranteed color fastness.

Unbeatable Price

With so many processes and expensive cotton fabric, doods offer solid-color round neck and polo t-shirts at a very affordable price. It is the best deal for the best Quality.

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