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Buy Plain Crew Neck T-Shirts from Doods

The days when men have to go to several shops to buy one single T-shirt have gone. With the advent of the latest technology, men can quickly get their favourite and perfect T-shirt at a click. Doods offer the best quality Round Neck T-shirts at the most affordable rates. We ensure that every factor to be considered for choosing a Round Neck T-shirt is met.

Why Buy Solid Round/Crew Neck T-shirts from Doods

Doods strive to give customers the best Round Neck T-shirts online. Here`s why you need to Buy Round Neck T-shirts from us.

1. Super Combed Cotton Fabric

The Round Neck T-shirts in Doods are made of Super Combed Cotton Fabric. Combed Cotton is one of the softest versions of cotton. It is made by treating the cotton fibers before converting them into yarn. When the cotton goes into further processing, 15% of the total volume is removed along with the impurities. The soft texture comes from the fact that there are no threads to prickle and stick out. The Combed cotton is perfect and does not get fuzzy. 

2. Bio-Washed Fabric

Bio-wash helps in improving the consistency of the fabric. The Cellulose of the clothes is processed by reducing the unevenness and fraying. It helps remove the microscopic fibers that hand over in the stitched clothes. It eliminates fuzzy threads and slobs from quilted clothes. It also reduces piling, has a softer and cleaner fabric, and gives the clothes a seamless outlook. Bio-washed fabric is one of the best standard products in the market. 

3. Silicone Treatment for Soft Touch

All the T-shirts in Doods have an extra soft touch. All our tees undergo Silicone-treatment, which is increasingly becoming famous and essential in the textile industry. It gives a unique softness to the clothes. It enhances the flexibility, pliability, and smoothness of the fabric. It also gives the garment a Sleek, Pliant, Supple, and Fluffy effect. The Silicone treatment also ensures that the fabric is crease and wrinkle-resistant, increases the product’s durability, and gives a soft leather effect. Doods uses Silicone nanoemulsions which improve the penetration into the structure of the textiles to give it an extraordinary softness and other properties.

4. Compacted Pre-shrunk

At Doods, we ensure all the T-shirts are Pre-Shrunk. It means you need not worry whether the T-shirt will shrink after the wash. Compacted Pre-shrunk is a process in which the garments are put inside a machine that pushes and compacts the garment tight. It removes the space between the stitches and condenses the fabric. When the T-shirts go through this process, they will be “Pre-shrunk” and will eventually shrink less during the washing and drying. Remember that the “pre-shrunk” T-shirts do not necessarily mean they won’t shrink further. But, the level of shrinkage will be reduced to a bare minimum. You may use cold water and hang it dry to avoid unwanted shrinkage or to keep the shrinkage at a minimum.

5. 200 GSM

The Round Neck T-shirts in Doods come with 200 GSM. GSM refers to Grams per Square Meter, which means how much one square meter of fabric weighs. The Higher the GSM of a fabric, the greater the quality. Cotton, Which is 200 GSM is perfect for stitching round-neck t-shirts. They are much softer and lighter and most suitable for Round Neck tees.

6. Color Fastness Guaranteed

Color Fastness is the fabric’s resistance from changing its color characteristics. It includes the transfer of its color to any of the adjacent fabrics. At Doods, we guarantee that the T-shirts have the best resistance of color from fading or bleeding due to various factors, including light, water, washing, sweat, rubbing, etc., The Pre-shrunk material also ensures that the molecules are tightly trapped within the inter-polymer space of the fabric. This improves the fastness of the material.

7. Premium Finish

All the T-shirts at Doods have a premium finish. Look at the various processes the clothes go through, from choosing the best-combed cotton for the raw material, bio-washing the fabric, sending it for silicone treatment, and pre-shrinking it; every process ensures that the final output is durable. Above all, all the clothes are double stitched, and the unattended threads are removed. Every single Crew T-shirt packed for the customers is quality checked by the officials.

8. Best Price in the Market

Doods brings you the best-priced crew neck tees in the market. Combed Cotton is the best quality fabric you can find in the market, the base raw material for our t-shirts. With the Bio-wash and silicone processes, you cannot find the lowest price in the market other than doods. The 200 GSM is the best match for the fabric to enhance durability. 

Check this before buying Round Neck Plain T-shirts.

Before you choose the Round Neck Plain T-shirt, you need to look for specific considerations. Let us discuss all of them in detail.

1. Cotton is a must

You may find Plain Round Neck T-shirts in different fabrics. Choosing the suitable fabric that would suit your structure and the climate is essential. Cotton is the best material that suits the climatic conditions of India. It is light and friendly to wear. Other synthetic fibers may be heavier and thicker, making it challenging for you to carry yourself.

2. Check the Size Label

Checking the right fit is very important before choosing the T-shirts. The T-shirt comes in different sizes and shapes. You need to check the fit that would suit you well and make you feel comfortable. You need to understand whether you would be comfortable with a size that hugs you well or one that gives a baggy look. There are so many brands out there, and the fit of one brand might not suit you well with another one. It is always better to check your size with each brand before choosing the T-shirt.

3. Regular Fit is Better

The Round Neck T-shirts are best in a Regular fit rather than a slim fit. There are no collars to give your neck a cover, and a slim fit may hug you. It will either make you like so slim or make your structure look so tight. A Regular fit always suits a round-neck T-shirt.

4. Pick Solid Colors Instead of Printed Designs

Crew neck T-shirts come in different patterns. Solid colors are better than printed designs. Printed Designs include different colors and patterns, which may fade out after a few washes. The faded prints might not be suitable to wear. Whereas, if you choose solid colors, the color fastness might be better, preventing the T-shirts from color fading even after so many washes.

5. Avoid T-shirts with Pockets

T-shirts with pockets are one of the Oldest Outlooks and styles. It may make you look older. Always choose the one without pockets. 

6. Better GSM

GSM is the grams per square meter which is the weight of the fabric. The fabric with higher GSM is thicker, and it is pretty hard to wear them. GSM is an essential factor to consider before choosing a garment. It is also important to note that the higher GSM determines the thickness but not the quality of the fabric. For Instance, a cotton T-shirt will require a much less GSM than a winter coat. This does not determine the quality of the cotton T-shirt. Generally, a GSM between 160-300 is considered medium and best suits the cotton fabric. If you choose a round-neck cotton T-shirt, ensure the GSM is between 160 and 200. 

7. Premium Quantity

The Quality of the T-shirt you choose depends on the processes the fabric undergoes before bringing it to the hands of the customer. First and foremost, the raw material used should be of the best quality. The Combed Cotton makes the dress softer and is the best material for a cotton T-shirt. Also, ensure that the T-shirt has been Bio-washed and undergone Silicone treatment to enhance the final output quality. A good GSM further adds to the comfort and gives a premium finish to the T-shirt.

8. Avoid High-priced T-Shirts

Most branded Crew Neck T-shirts in the market go through the same processes. The quality of the T-shirts is more or less the same and does not vary broadly. However, the price charged for the T-shirts is based on the brands. A well-established brand offers a higher price than others. So, it is always better to choose T-shirts that are priced nominally and avoid High-priced T-shirts.

Buying Plain Crew/Round Neck T-Shirts is now easier

Now that we know what factors to be considered before choosing the round neck T-shirts, you are in the right hands of Doods. Doods considers all the factors before offering you the Plain Round Neck T-shirt for Men online. Choose wisely and happy shopping with us.


Top quality, Super Combed Cotton, Bio Wash, Pre-Shrunk, Rich, and Premium Finish Round Neck T-shirts at an unbeatable price. None other brands offer 200 GSM, Pre-shrunk, Bio washed round neck t-shirt at this cost.  

All our round neck t-shirts are sewn with 100% pure(zero polyesters) super combed cotton. Our combed cotton fabrics undergo a bio-wash, pre-shrunk, silicone process which makes t-shirts ultra-soft, anti-shrunk, with zero color fade, and long-lasting.

All our round plain neck t-shirts are cost between Rs. 349 to Rs. 399. Most top brands sell this same quality round neck t-shirts between Rs. 499 to 799.

200 GSM Ultra soft combed cotton fabric is used to sew these plain round neck t-shirts