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Premium Finished Solid Pique Polo T-Shirts

At Doods, we go the extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Our team carefully handpicks T-shirts that match your style and comfort preferences. We’re your go-to place for the best Pique Polo T-shirts. Explore our collection and upgrade your wardrobe with ease.


Pique Polo T-shirts refers to those kinds of t-shirts which has double knit and gives a waffle pattern. These double knit pique pattern gives in a lot of breathability and durability to the polo.

Pique is more durable and flexible than the other polos. The regular polos have a standard base without any texture. Pique has a waffle pattern that makes the polo more stylish. That’s why many men’s often choose pique polos over others; as they feel more comfortable in pique-knitted polos.

The pique is knitted with cotton fabric. So, every pique polo’s are also be called as cotton polo. But, every cotton polo cannot be termed as pique polo. Because, cotton can also be used to produce jersey polos. 

The cost of the quality polos depends on the raw material used and the process undergone during manufacture. A durable and quality polo t-shirt might cost around Rs. 900 to Rs. 2000, depending upon its brand value. In Doods, you can buy polo worth Rs.2000 for just Rs.699.

280 GSM Ultra soft combed cotton fabric is used to sew these solid pique polo t-shirts

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